The first applications of the Multisensor company were in water management, which protected the amount of clean water in purification plants from gas, oil and other polluters. Our newest product enables real-time monitoring of Ammonia levels in raw wastewater – MS3500 Ammonia Monitor. Now Ammonia can be measured in the harshest environments with high solids and suspended solids. The MS3500 is designed to work reliably even in raw waste environment.

Now the best-known product of Multisensor, MS1200-SIS Oil in Water monitor which is used in applications for wastewater, protects the works for treatment, as well as rivers and flows from contamination. MS1200 is most often used to take water into treatment plants, where the high level of sensitivity combined with online reporting means that they can be stopped before expensive treatment equipment is damaged.

In further use, shown products are those that monitor groundwater sources for contamination from accidental fuel spills and leaks from storage. MS2000 THM monitor extended the use of Multisensor's technology into the distribution network, for the first time enabling real-time reporting of disinfection levels by product. Multisensor services the various water applications serviced by Multisensor. Please contact us to discuss how Multisensor can help you with water monitoring requirements.

Ammonia monitoring in wastewater is particularly difficult due to high levels of suspended solids and flow variations.

MS3500 has been specially developed for the monitoring of ammonia in raw wastewater.

This means that a very robust non-blocking sampling system must be included. By using sensors and sampling technology, Multisensor Systems has developed a product that enables frequent and accurate measurement. These readings can be used to:

Control energy and chemical use at the wastewater location An ammonia-based pollution event monitor provides a reliable early warning of a potential high-level discharge.

Besides, MS1200 VOC Monitor can also be used in waste water applications to detect the formation of explosive gases, for example due of high fuel levels in surface drain or to measure VOCs in industrial waste that is shipped by a truck to a waste water treatment plant.

The manufacturing industry has a legal and moral responsibility to protect the environment from the consequences of accidental spills or releases of harmful materials such as gasoline, diesel, aviation fuel, oils and other VOCs.

The products of the company Multisensor are part of the preventive weapons that can be used to protect companies from the consequences of accidents.

In addition to monitoring drainage and other pathways to sewers or streams, rivers and groundwater, Multisensor products such as the MS1200-SIS Oil in Water monitor, as part of a wider system, can provide automatic shutdown and containment functions. Remote and automatic objects can now be secured at a low cost and with a high degree of reliability.

Monitoring of gas emissions from processing facilities can also be enabled using multisensory instruments. Make sure that regulatory limits are met and enable frequent, online monitoring to be implemented.

Multisensory products are already used in production facilities, they provide economical protection and proven reliability. Carbonation plants are commonly used in the manufacturing industry to remove pollutants from water before discharge.

The Multisensor online VOC monitor is arranged in several different settings to detect VOC penetration in the outlet stream. This not only prevents the discharge of polluted water, but also ensures that the contents are fully used before refilling, thus increasing the cost efficiency of the system.

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Environment protection is what Multisensor products are all about, enabling the protection of water intakes, groundwater and air.

Multisensor Systems Limited has developed two instruments that are ideal for monitoring surface and ground water, discharges due to unwanted hydrocarbon or ammonia pollution.



The MS1200 is an online Oil in Water monitor which provides low level measurements of Hydrocarbon, Oil and VOCs concentrations in life streams, rivers and groundwater. It is designed to detect hydrocarbon-based pollutants in watercourses or water sources. Multisensor uses innovative techniques to provide more economic solutions.



The MS3500 is the first ammonia monitor for Raw Waste Water. Its rugged construction and design allows it to reliably measure Ammonia at the very front end of a waste water treatment plant, giving the operator a level of control and knowledge presently unknown to the industry.



The MS2000 is a Total Trihalomethane online monitor which provides measurements of THMs at low concentrations in water.

Regulations limiting the levels of Disinfection By-Products (DBPs) such as Trihalomenthanes (THMs) in drinking water have made the ability to measure DBP levels throughout the distribution network essential. Multisensor’s THM monitor provides that facility, efficiently and accurately.