Spectrophotometer SpectroDirect

For water and waste water testing 330 - 900 nm

Spectrophotometer SpectroDirect


  • Excellent price / performance relationship
  • Use of round and Rectangular cuvettes different Sizes without adapter
  • 35 user-specific methods
  • Fast, easy lamp replacement
  • Possibility for data transmission and update to / via PC


  • Waste Water
  • Drinking Water
  • Industrial Process Water
  • Science & Research
  • Governmental and Private Laboratories

The SpectroDirect is a modern single-beam spectrophotometer with an excellent price/performance ratio that is specifically designed for water testing.


The SpectroDirect is a single-beam spectral photometer (see illustration). The light source is a tungsten halogen lamp with flash function. The lamp is switched on only momentarily during the measurement process1), so there is no need for a warm-up period. The SpectroDirect is ready to perform a self-test as soon as it is switched on. The light passes through an entry slot to the monochromator, where it is split into spectral ranges. The monochromator is a holographically produced, transparent grating. The movable mirror ensures that light of the desired wavelength is focused automatically so that it passes through the exit slot, into the sample chamber and therefore through the water sample. The light that is not absorbed by the sample travels to the silicon photodiode detector. This signal is then evaluatedby a microprocessor and shown as a result in the display.

Multifunctional sample chamber

Round vials measuring 16 mm and 24 mm in diameter and rectangular cells with pathlengths from 10 to 50 mm may be used without an adapter. Only the 10 mm cell will be fixed by a little holder that must inserted into the sample chamber.

Operator guidance and functions

The choice of language is prompt in the display and can be switched to German, English, French, Italian, Spanish or Portugese. When further languages become available, they will be updated via internet. In addition to the pre-programmed Lovibond® methods, the user can also program 35 own methods (10 user concentration methods and 25 user polynomials). Other functions include the automatic count-down function in various methods, differentiated determination for some methods, absorption / transmission, spectral uptake, kinetics and up to 7 concentrations (linear)

Data transfer

The RS232 interface on the back allows direct connection and data transfer to a PC or printer with serial interface. Up to 1000 records can be saved with date, time, running test and code number as well as the measuring range and the method number. Updates for new methods and additional languages can be found on website: www.lovibond.com.

Power supply

The required input voltage is 12 V. The SpectroDirect is connected to an external power pack as standard. Battery operation is also possible by using an external energy station (see accessories).

N.I.S.T. Traceability

The device can be calibrated by the user with a secondary standard filter set (order no .: 711160) which can be traced back to N.I.S.T. are. The user can set the device in "user adjustment mode" for each method with standards traceable to N.I.S.T. adjust.